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Are you ready for your families to Go-Go? Then The Uncle Devin Show® is for you.

Inspired by the official music of Washington, DC, The Uncle Devin Live Show uses original songs, funky grooves, and the DC tradition of call-and-response to have children and families experience the infectious energy of a live Go-Go that does not stop.

Whether it is Uncle Devin all by himself, with a few friends, or with his full-band experience (up to nine members), this percussion-driven concert is perfect for any festival or community event. It will have the entire family grooving to the beat, making them move their feet.

You will experience what it was like in the 1970s and 1980s when Go-Go was born at historical venues such as the Maverick Room, the Howard Theater, and the Black Hole. Everything is age-appropriate and great for the entire family.

uncle devin show - assembly