Move the Money!


Award-winning artist, Uncle Devin, ignites a fiery debate with his upcoming single, “Move the Money.” Inspired by the iconic 1986 anthem “The Word” by DC’s Junkyard Band and released by Def Jam Records, Uncle Devin challenges the current allocation of resources in the U.S. government, urging a shift from military spending towards bolstering vital social programs.

“Junkyard’s ‘The Word’ was one of the most important socially conscious songs in Go-Go history. Created by a group of teenagers and pre-teens from the Barry Farms Community in Southeast DC, their message still resonates today,” says Uncle Devin. “ ‘Move the Money’ is my way of saying thanks by continuing their work,” the DC resident says.

With echoes of the teenage band’s bold lyrics that questioned President Reagan’s priorities, Uncle Devin’s “Move the Money” continues in Junkyard’s tradition by taking aim at contemporary issues through the indigenous DC sound of Go-Go music, sparking vital conversations about national budgets and where our collective needs genuinely lie.

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