EEO Through the Arts

EEO Through The Arts

EEO Through The Arts is a project of The Uncle Devin Show LLC that educates the arts community about their rights and responsibilities regarding discrimination within our industry.

Devin Walker leverages his extensive 25+ years of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) expertise, seamlessly integrating it with his passion for the arts to address a significant void within the arts sector.

How We Support the Arts

We seek to provide a process by which independent Teaching Artists (TAs) are given the same EEO rights as employees. This process includes a high-quality Alternative Dispute Resolution Process and a formal investigative process led by a neutral third party.

We will also conduct professional development training for TAs, art organizations, and funders on the best practices within Equal Opportunity. Additionally, we can assist in developing a Discrimination Complaint process and procedure tailored to their organization’s mission.

What We Provide

Anti-Discrimination for Teaching Artists! Does it Exist?

Many Federal and state laws protect employees from workplace discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, disability, age, or genetic information. But do Teaching Artists (TA) have any rights against discrimination?

This interactive workshop is designed to help TAs understand Federal and state EEO laws and the steps they should take if they feel they are the victims of discrimination. It will provide TAs with techniques to identify and prevent discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

How to Recognize, Prevent, and Respond to discrimination Complaints for Art Organizations?

Ensuring equity within arts organizations and nonprofits is paramount to rectifying its aftermath. At D. Walker Consultants (DWC), we are dedicated to furnishing comprehensive training, technical assistance, outreach, and educational initiatives to empower organizations and their stakeholders to foster an environment where discrimination is understood and actively prevented.

EEO Policy & Procedure Design

Having an effective EEO policy and procedure in place shows your commitment to equality and can support your position in a lawsuit. DWC can create a new or update your current EEO policy & procedure to ensure that your company complies with Federal, state, and local laws and statutes.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

DWC is certified in mediation and specializes in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution, which has resulted in the settlement of hundreds of EEO and other workplace disputes. We have assisted organizations in the design, implementation, updating, and monitoring of a leading-edge pro-active dispute resolution program that attempts to resolve complaints early.

How to Conduct Discrimination Investigations? (Training)

Discrimination complaints often create organizational tension, damaging the company’s reputation and the relationships between employees, contractors, and stakeholders. If the complaint is mishandled, the consequences can worsen, potentially resulting in a lawsuit.

Devin Walker is a Certified investigator in Title VI and Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This training will explain the benefits of investigating discrimination allegations in a timely and confidential manner and fully explain the steps necessary to create a fair and impartial investigative process that can objectively lower the risk of costly fines and court battles, potentially saving millions in litigation costs.

Discrimination Awareness for Schools and Educators

This scenario-based training is for all employees and staff at any school or organization. It covers categories protected by federal and local EEO laws and explains prohibited practices, including unlawful harassment and discrimination. This can help you avoid discriminatory behaviors and build a culture that reflects acceptance and respect for all.

​This course also covers the definition of discrimination and harassment and steps you can take to avoid both while promoting a discrimination-free environment.