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The Uncle Devin experience is about enacting change. Music can make the most mundane moment interesting, and our educational programs combine history, personal growth, and self-awareness as a part of the experience.

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Family Involvement Workshop

This FIW session teaches parents how to use everyday household items as percussion instruments that we shake, scrape, and strike to make music. It will show them different rhythm instrument games they can play with their child to reinforce and build body awareness and teach life lessons. It will also teach parents to create their percussion instruments with their children to create memorable family experiences.

The “Strumming is Drumming” Workshop: How Rhythm Unites the Ukulele and Percussion Worlds!

All Levels – Despite popular belief, everybody has rhythm. It starts with our heartbeat and is something we use every day in the way we walk, talk, and breath. Rhythm and Ukulele playing go together, but most players are more focused on the chords and melody that they fail to hear or recognize the rhythm contained within it.

This interactive rhythm workshop will allow participants to use an assortment of percussion instruments, including their bodies, along with the ukulele, to develop an awareness of rhythm and tempo. It will teach them the concept of rhythm in a song. They will understand how rhythm and tone are interdependent and not mutually exclusive.

Percussion Playground (Temporarily Unavailable)

Uncle Devin’s Percussion Playground consists of three different percussion play stations (Shaker Station, Drum Set Station, and Hand Drum Station) Children take turns playing and exploring different percussion instruments in a supervised, playground format.

ABC’s Of Percussion Book Reading

Based on his children’s book, “The ABC’s of Percussion with Music CD,” Uncle Devin introduces an instrument for every letter of the alphabet and has an accompanying CD or download that recites the book, which allows the child to hear what each instrument sounds like.