Move the Money

Single Released February 2024!

Award-winning artist Uncle Devin ignites a fiery debate with his single, “Move the Money.” Inspired by the iconic 1986 anthem “The Word” by DC’s Junkyard Band and released by Def Jam Records, Uncle Devin challenges the current allocation of resources in the U.S. government, urging a shift from military spending towards bolstering vital social programs.


In the Pocket!

Released February 2024!

Go-Go music is the official music of Washington, DC. “In the Pocket,” uses original funky grooves and the African call-and-response to have children experience the infectious energy of a live Go-Go that is 37 minutes of nonstop, cranking, and fun music.


All One Tribe

Uncle Devin is one of 26 Black children’s music artists who came together after the murder of George Floyd to create a compilation album called “All One Tribe” This album was nominated for a GRAMMY for Best Children’s Music Album of the Year in 2022 and


Be Yourself!

Through a blend of DC’s Go-Go Music, Gospel, Hip-Hop and the African tradition, this family CD provides self-affirming music, through hardcore beats and rhythms, that children of all ages will love.


 Uncle Devin's Drum Tales

Inspired by the sounds of Washington, DC and Africa, this CD will have children moving their feet to funky drum and percussion rhythms as they learn about love, good health and truth. It will also introduce them to different percussion instruments.


Church Usher's Dance

Usher’s Dance: This is a line-dance song for children that centers on an eight year old named Tré who unintentionally started a new dance craze by simply being himself. Four different versions.