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I brought my kids to see the show at our local library last week. While apprehensive at first, my three year old son quickly warmed up and started dancing with his 1 year old sister. When we got home, he pulled out some pots, pans, and utensils to make a drum that they could play together. The show, was fun, education, and interesting for all ages.

Ryan Jordan | Aug 2019 | Maryland

Completely engaging!

The Uncle Devin Show visited our public library during our summer program. They packed the room and the kids and grown-ups were enthralled. We'll definitely be inviting them back!

Best Educational Show

We really love the Uncle Devin Show. Not only was it high energy, but it was also very educational. Loved it!

Best Live Show

My daughters and I attended an Uncle Devin show. Not only, were we thoroughly entertained, but we also, learned a lot. The show was energetic from beginning to end. It is the best live show we have seen in a long time. Worth every minute!

B. Watkins | Sep 2018 |

Great Partners

The Uncle Devin Show was a huge hit in our Libraries this summer! Uncle Devin, Mr. Grasshopper, and Lolita have been exceptional partners to work with. Thank you all.

| Sep 2018 |

Multicultural Potluck

Uncle Devin availed himself to us at the last minute when we had a scheduling issue with another vendor. His performance was PHENOMENAL! The parents and children had a blast. They danced their way out of the event. We will definitely be requesting his services again.

Lisa Wedding | Sep 2018 | Silver Spring MD


My daughters and I attended an Uncle Devin show. Not only, were we thoroughly entertained, but we also, learned a lot. The show was energetic from beginning to end. It is the best live show we have seen in a long time. Worth every minute!


I Love Uncle Devin's Children's Book

My grandson was so excited about the book. He loves to read and this book will occupy a special place on his bookshelf I'm sure.

JESSIE B. | Dec 2015 |

The ABC's of Percussion - I Love it!

Awesome resource for parents, teachers and music loving kiddos! I love the variety of instruments. The poems are really nice.

ANDRES S. | Dec 2015 |

Excellent Assembly

The kids absolutely loved Uncle Devin! Very entertaining, a perfect way to end the week.


Awesome Performance!

Thank you so much for sharing your love of music. The kids and adults had so much fun. It was truly a memorable and enjoyable event for all of us. Couldn't have asked for a better performer. Just awesome!

CHACARRA C. | Jun 2015 | Accokeek MD

Thanks Uncle Devin & Mr. Grasshopper

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting on an awesome show for the children at our party last week. The kids loved it - they had so much fun dancing and you really kept them engaged.

MEGHAN DUNN | Dec 2014 | U.S. Senate Child Care Center DC

Great children's CD

If you have kids, this album is wonderful, and is a great way to instill valuable lessons for them. Uncle Devin takes the issue of healthy living, one that I especially value, and conveys a strong message about eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The other songs also teach good morals in a very fun manner!

ANDREW | Aug 2014 | Amazon Customer Review

Five Tiny Fingers for Uncle Devin

Overall, the music is rather productive with varied vocals, spoken segments, varied percussion, multi-ethnic musical styles, and great lyrics. This one will be a favorite for parents, but the children will get a bigger kick out of the music. I give it five tiny fingers up!

MATTHEW FORSS | Jun 2014 | Inside World Music

Fun Drumming

Uncle Devin is everything a children’s entertainer should be. Always engaging, never lacking in energy and full to the brim with fun.

LISA MATLIN | Jun 2014 | Indiemunity

Great party with Uncle Devin

Uncle Devin and Mr. Grasshopper entertained our room full of 4 and 5 year olds effortlessly. Everyone was singing and dancing and having lots of fun. The two encouraged the children to participate and really catered to the children's interests. I would recommend them without question.

KATIE P. | Jan 2014 |

Just One of Those Days

My son and I just finished watching Uncle Devin's new video, "Just One of Those Days". He had just come in from school and was telling me about how bad his day had been when we found the link to the video. It made him feel so much better to know that "those days" happen to everyone! The music was groovin' and he thanked me for sharing it with him. It is a winner! Thanks, Uncle Devin!!!

RACHEL B. | Oct 2013 | Silver Spring MD

Good music! Good Fun

I took my 5yr old to Kinderfest & Uncle Devin performed. He really enjoyed watching them perform. He enjoyed it so much, that when we came home, he started playing his keyboard & drums so he can ask Uncle Devin for a job. It was a lot of fun.

KAYE W. | Oct 2013 | Upper Marlboro MD

Good Vibes!

If you have ever doubted the role percussion and drums play within modern music, look no further than Drum Tales! to reassure you of its importance

ALEC CUNNINGHAM | Sep 2013 | Good Vibes Music Review

Great For Children!

The Uncle Devin Show is pure edutainment at its finest. Bringing a message of love while sharing helpful life knowledge.

JOSHUA SMOTHERMAN | Aug 2013 | Middle Tennessee Music

A Wonderful Children's Show!

Teaching through entertainment is a concept that the "Uncle Devin Show" has mastered. The interactive performance captures the audience from beginning to end. It is an educational/entertainment tool for people of all ages. It's a must see!!!

GERALDINE FURBUSH | Jun 2013 | Contee Church Family Movie Night Ministry

Winner of a Parents' Choice Award Recommended Award

Uncle Devin's Drum Tales takes an innovative and progressive approach to music, self-awareness, confidence and fun, and is a wonderful album that children, parents and educators will all find beneficial.

LAHRI BOND | May 2013 | Parents’ Choice Awards

Very Interactive and Fun

Uncle Devin's show was upbeat, interactive and fun. The kids seem to have a blast and it was suitable for all age groups. Will definitely hire him again.

DREMA W. | Oct 2012 | Baltimore MD

Fun learning experience for all ages!

I had the opportunity to listen to the Uncle Devin Show CD prior to attending a live performance. Don't just settle for the CD, treat yourself to a show. The Uncle Devin Show was a hit for my Godson's 4th Birthday that he/we won't forget! Thanks Uncle Devin!

SHEREE J. | Sep 2012 |

An awesome and wonderful show for children

I had the opportunity to experience and watch "The Uncle Devin Show" at a birthday party in the nations capitol, Washington, D.C, at The Joseph H. Coles Recreational Center at a birthday party. He played the keyboard and several musical instruments. His instruments were dressed and they even talked through his keyboard! The children danced and also interactive with Uncle Devin during the entertainment. The show was superb and exceptional! Don't hesitate to book "The Uncle Devin Show" you will truly enjoy it! Nica the clown entertainer :)

NICA D. | Aug 2012 |

Dynamic Musician!

The Uncle Devin Show is outstanding for all ages. I experience Uncle Devin Show at a private party in August. The children and adults were all dancing. He played Latin music, Childrens Interactive Music and Jazz Music. The Uncle Devin Show is outstanding for all ages! You will enjoy this entertainment! J.Alonzo Love

J.ALONZO L. | Aug 2012 | Washington DC