"Life is a drum, so beat it!"

The Uncle Devin Show is an interactive musical experience for children that uses percussion instruments to cultivate their minds.

What We Do

Live Music Events

Live in-person or virtual concerts for children's museums, theatres,
festivals, libraries, community organizations and more.

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Music Education

Percussion led school assemblies, workshops and professional development for students, educators and families.
In-person or virtual.

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Radio & Podcast

WeeNation Radio & Podcast is our 24/7 online music radio station that streams R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Go-Go, World Music and more, specially created for children.

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Children's Music

In the Pocket!

Go-Go music is the official music of Washington, DC. "In the Pocket," uses original funky grooves and the African call-and-response to have children experience the infectious energy of a live Go-Go that is 37 minutes of n

drum tales 01 - uncle devin show

Drum Tales!

Inspired by the sounds of Washington, DC and Africa, this CD will have children moving their feet to funky drum and percussion rhythms as they learn about love, good health and truth. It will also introduce them to different percussion instruments.

uncle devin show - Be Yourself

Be Yourself!

Through a blend of DC’s Go-Go Music, Gospel, Hip-Hop and the African tradition, this family CD provides self-affirming music, through hardcore beats and rhythms, that children of all ages will love.

This is the podcast for Watoto Entertainment & Education, a.k.a., WEE Nation, hosted by radio personality and Children’s Drumcussionist, Uncle Devin. It is the companion to WEE Nation Radio, a 24/7 online children and family music radio program that provides music beyond the mainstream, including Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Go-Go, Reggae, and more.

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